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Elementary Academic Enrichment Programs

Science Explorers

October 17 – December 5 | Tuesdays | 5:30-7:00PM | Fletcher Maynard Academy | 4-5 Grades

Science Explorers is an eight week project-based learning program that introduces 9-11 year old students to the scientific method. With the support of volunteers from local universities and biotech companies, students experiment with concepts including chemical reactions, pH levels, density, simple machines and sound waves. The goal of the program is to stimulate interest in science and to develop basic understanding of the scientific method. Last year’s program closed with a field trip to the Museum of Science.


Math Plus

Spring 2018, dates TBD | 5:30-7:00PM | Fletcher Maynard | 4-5 Grades

Math Plus is an eight week program for 9-11 year old students that connects math concepts to everyday situations. The curriculum includes budgeting for a trip to Disney World, running your own business and ordering at a restaurant on a fixed budget. The program also incorporates math fluency and utilizes a center-based model so that students can explore a concept in multiple ways. Last year’s program closed with a field trip to People’s United Bank.


Middle School Academic Enrichment Programs

I Build

October 11 – November 15 | Wednesdays | 3:00-4:15PM | Cambridge Street Upper School | 6-8 Grades

I Build (formerly Future Engineers) is based on the Museum of Science “Engineering Everywhere” curriculum and is an eight week project-based learning program for 11-15 year old students. This program teaches students the engineering design process and involves weekly hands-on projects. Last year’s program closed with a field trip to the MIT D-Lab.


T++ Coders

November 6 – December 11 | Mondays| 5:30-7:00pm | Location TBD | 6-8 Grades

T++ Coders was piloted in 2015-16 as a four week program that taught 11-15 year old students basic coding and problem solving skills. The program revolved around project development in a collaborative setting and culminated in a hackathon with student presentations. Students worked primarily in Scratch, a coding program developed by the MIT Media Lab, and also explored basic JavaScript. Last year’s program closed with a field trip to the MIT Media Lab.


Book Club

Summer Program | 5-8 Grades

Book Club is a seven week summer reading program, now in its third year. Students in grades 5-8 attend twice a week to read for pleasure. Selecting books off the recommended summer reading lists is encouraged but not required. Students discuss their books with volunteers and peers, and large group discussions also tackle issues facing middle school students like increased homework, bullying and healthy friendships. Book Club also incorporates field trips to the library, other nonprofits in the community, universities and a local restaurant as a closing celebration.