Tutoring Plus


Program FAQ

Q: Who are your tutors?
A: The majority of our volunteer tutors are young professionals who live or work near Cambridge. In addition, many undergraduate and graduate students from local universities volunteer with us.

Q: How do you find volunteers?
A: Most of our volunteers find out about us through friends, the Internet and volunteer fairs as well as community partnerships, including nearby universities.

Q: My child is afraid they won’t know anyone. Who are the students who enroll at Tutoring Plus?
A: Most students live in Cambridge’s Area IV neighborhood; they find out about us by word of mouth, friends, or other after school programs in the area. Students are also referred to our program by school staff.

Q: How much do you charge for Tutoring Plus’ programs?
A: All tutoring services and enrichment programs are provided free of charge. Funding for our programs comes from individual donors, grants, corporations and most importantly, the donation of tutors’ time.

Q: What days and time are the tutoring sessions offered?
A: Please consult the individual program’s page for specific days, times, and locations.

Q: Do the same students come each evening?
A: Yes. We ask families, and tutors, to make a commitment for the semester – it is not a drop-in program, but one where students get to know their tutors well.

Q: I’d like to enroll my child in both a tutoring program and an enrichment program. Is this possible?
A: Our enrichment classes are offered to students in grades four through eight, depending on the program.

Q: How many students participate in Tutoring Plus’ programs?
A: We have 130-150 students registered in our programs throughout the school year.

Q: What are the ages of the students in the program?
A: The students range from 8-18 years old. We work with students in grades four through twelve.

Q: Where do the tutoring programs take place?
A: All programs take place in a school or community-based organization in locations across Cambridge.

Q: Do you provide dinner to the students?
A: No. If a student is coming from home, they usually eat dinner before they come to the center. We provide a snack before tutoring session begins.

Q: Once I submit my child’s registration form, how long is it before I know if I’ve been accepted or not?
A: Tutoring Plus will mail a letter within two weeks of receiving your application.

Q: What if my child misses a tutoring session?
A: If your child is going to be absent from the program on any given night, a parent or guardian must contact our office informing us of your child’s absence.

Q: Do you provide transportation to and from tutoring centers?
A; No, parents and guardians are responsible for seeing that students arrive (and are picked up) on time.

Q: My child says she doesn’t like her tutor? What should I do?
A: Please contact us to discuss a solution.

Q: I have a busy work schedule. Will I be expected to attend meetings?
A: As a parent or guardian, you have a critical role in helping your child reach his or her academic goals. We encourage you to attend Special Events. If you cannot attend, please send another adult family member in your place.