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Meet Sanjna Gahnshani our February 2017 Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Sanjna, a first year one-on-one elementary school volunteer!

Sanjna is a fourth-year Pharmacy student attending Northeastern University. She began her partnership with Tutoring Plus while completing an industry internship at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge last fall. Even upon returning to classes this semester, Sanjna continues to mentor her student on a weekly basis. After graduating from pharmacy school in a couple of years, Sanjna aspires to enter the field of clinical pharmacy and care for patients as a part of the medical team.

“My experience with Tutoring Plus has been immensely enjoyable and rewarding. In just a few short months, my student and I have developed a great relationship. She is in the wonderful habit of asking questions, and the one-on-one dynamic allows me to give her curiosity and thoughtfulness the attention it deserves. Like me, she is keen on pursuing a career in the healthcare field and I have the wonderful opportunity to serve as a role model. I look forward to our sessions every week, and I can’t wait to see how much progress she makes in the coming months!”