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Girls’ Media

Spring | Wednesdays | 5:00-7:00PM | Location TBD | 6-8 Grades

Girls’ Media is a 10 week program for middle school girls to explore identity, healthy relationships, media representations of gender and race, and more. In response to negative media representations, participants create powerful and positive media, like videos in partnership with CCTV. Our overall goal is to uplift the voices of middle school girls and high school peer leaders by providing space for conversation, creative expression and community building.

Spring 2017 Videos: 6th grade & 7th grade

Spring 2016 Videos: 6th grade & 8th grade


Real Talk

Spring | Mondays | 5:00-7:00PM | Fletcher Maynard | 6-8 Grades

Real Talk was piloted in 2015-16 as a five week program for middle and high school boys with a focus on providing a safe space for boys to talk about masculinity and to develop a strong sense of present and future self. The program has now expanded to 8 weeks and discussion topics included breaking down masculinity, healthy relationships, media messages and future planning. High School Peer Leaders design and lead activities alongside the Program Manager.



Girls’ Media 10th Anniversary Celebration