Tutoring Plus


Our Volunteers

During the 2015-16 school year, 211 volunteers dedicated their time for a total of 4,958 hours! Our volunteer tutors/mentors get involved with T+ because they want to support the academic, personal, and social growth of youth. 


Fully Screened and Trained

Each volunteer is interviewed, carefully screened, and attends Tutoring Plus’s training orientation. Our trainings equip volunteers with proven techniques for making subjects like science, reading, and writing easily accessible and fun to learn. Additionally, T+ trainings prepare volunteers with the skills to build a successful mentoring relationship. Tutoring Plus has honed its approach over its 50 years of educating youth in Cambridge. Following training, our staff carefully matches volunteers’ skills to students’ needs to ensure the personal relationship that makes both the student and tutor successful.


Current volunteers – join our LinkedIn group and check out our volunteer handbook for resources!

“This past year, I had the privilege of working with Tutoring Plus on a weekly basis in their middle school program with an incredible 12-year old student. What began as a formal, somewhat apprehensive homework-centered relationship grew into a working friendship based on trust and respect. I’d like to commend Tutoring Plus on providing a safe physical and emotional space to foster this kind of growth. Because of the support of the staff and the program, my student and I were able to focus consistently on her academic needs and supplement her classroom homework with additional challenges and materials. The crowning moment for me was when she looked at me on the last day and said, ‘If you come back next year, so will I!’. That sealed the deal. I’ll definitely be back if Tutoring Plus will have me!”

Kasia Chmielinski, middle school one-on-one volunteer tutor/mentor