Tutoring Plus


Meet John Gorman Our April 2017 Volunteer Spotlight

Meet John, our April volunteer spotlight! John is a 1st year volunteer in both our elementary and middle school programs!

John is a graduate of Williams College with a B.A. in Economics & English. He first worked as a management consultant for the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry before recently transitioning to the nonprofit sector to work for an education-focused venture philanthropy fund. A lifelong interest in teaching and mentoring led him to join Tutoring Plus last fall.

“Tutoring Plus has given me the opportunity to get involved in my neighborhood in a very meaningful way. I see kids from my program around Central Square all the time – on the street, at the store, in the post office. It’s always a big smile, a big wave, a little chit-chat. The best part for me is feeling that I’m a part of the network of adults that’s looking out for these kids, that’s helping them feel safe and supported and powerful as they learn and grow and pursue their goals. They all have different strengths and challenges, but the program is all about meeting them where they are and then helping them go farther.”