Tutoring Plus


Volunteer FAQ

Q: How do youth find out about Tutoring Plus?
A: Most youth enrolled in our programs live in Cambridge’s Port neighborhood or they find out about us by word of mouth, friends, or other after-school programs in the area. Youth are also referred to our program by school staff.

Q. Do youth pay a fee to participate in Tutoring Plus’ programs?
A. All programs are provided free of charge.

Q. How many youth participate in Tutoring Plus’ programs?
A. We have around 200 youth registered in our programs throughout the school year.

Q. What are the ages of the youth in the program?
A. Youth range from 8-19 years old. We work with students in grades four through twelve.

Q. Where do the programs take place?
A. All programs take place in schools and community-based organizations across Cambridge. Our programs are accessible by public transportation. Check out our programs page to learn more about each program.

Q. Do you provide dinner to the students?
A. We provide snacks for ourprograms. In partnership with Community Cooks, youth receive full meals (sandwich, vegetables, etc.) a few times each month.

Q. Once I submit my volunteer application, how long is it before I know if I’ve been accepted or not?
A. We will acknowledge the receipt of your application within three business days via e-mail and will follow up to schedule an in-person interview.

Q. As a volunteer tutor/mentor, will I be expected to develop lesson plans?
A. No. Youth typically bring their homework assigned by classroom teachers.  Tutoring Plus staff provide supplemental materials when youth do not have homework.

Q. I’ve never tutored before. What kind of training will I get?
A. Volunteers are required to attend an orientation before they begin. We also have training opportunities throughout the school year.

Q. What if my student has a problem that I don’t know how to deal with?
A. Each program has a site manager, who will make sure that the center is running smoothly. We encourage all volunteers to communicate with their on-site staff and use them as a resource to address specific problems. You can also reach out the Communications and Outreach Manager for direct support.

Q. What do I do if I have to miss a tutoring session unexpectedly?
A. If you will be absent, please call the T+ cell phone and/or send an e-mail to the Communications and Outreach Manager by 3pm of the day of the absence. However, the more notice you can give the better.

Q. Who are the volunteers?
A. The majority of volunteers are young professional (ages 22-33) who live in or work near Cambridge. In addition, many undergraduate and graduate students from local universities volunteer with us.